· how to sew a sailor uniform: an intro to materials


[Hi everyone! I’m rewriting my sailor uniform tutorial from last year to update the photos and hopefully make it easier to read since I wrote the original at 3am while I was sleep deprived. I’m hoping to get the new posts up sometime this week after I can sew some new costumes and take photos, but here’s a post about materials to start off with. (This is really long so scroll down to the bottom for my recommendations if you don’t care about this stuff.)

Links to the original 2 tutorials are below (these will be updated when the posts are updated):

► part 1: sewing the top
► part 2: sewing the pleated skirt ]

Before you start making your own uniform, it might help to do some research on actual school uniforms to see what they’re made out of and how they’re made. In this post, I’ll be talking about materials used to make school uniforms, and in a future post, I’ll talk about different variations on the design and how to make those modifications to your own pattern.

If you’re ready, click the link below to see the full post:

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